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Totelier Restaurant and Café POS
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Secure Cloud
Based Solution

The power of cloud is at your fingertips. The Totelier iPad Pos solution leverages cloud to ensure data is backed up and stored securely. Totelier as a native app is designed to work as efficiently when offline or during internet outage, meaning that you never miss a beat.

New Age
Hardware Support

Totelier iPad POS solution works with most Modern POS hardware equipment including, TSP series of printers and Payleven mobile payment device. We will continue to increase our hardware support to ensure flexibility for our customers.


Totelier iPad POS solution can be easily customized through the web app backend to fit the needs of all customers, whether small cafés or large group of restaurants. Menus and printers can be easily configured to match the simple, or comples, needs of any moden. operation.


Once you get started with Totlier iPad POS solution, you and your staff will be pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease-of use of the app. Built as a native app with the best iOS technology available, this cutting edge iPad POS will revolutionize the way you operate allowing you to provide efficient customer service.

Elegant, ultra fast iPad system,
built especially for modern
restaurants, cafes and mobile food outlets.

  • Order of magnitude

    Totelier can cater for your ordering requirements no matter how simple or complex they may be. For cafes or mobile outlets our simple ordering and instant billing options are ideal while course selection and Set menu options will more than meet the requirements of any restaurant.

  • Payments made simple

    Totelier's payment options range from standard cash and credit card payments to combined payments, discounts, and service charges capabilities. The user friendly payment screen allows all this with just a few taps!

  • Split Bills Faster

    Quick and easy split billing in any number of ways with Totelier iPad POS. Allows each split bill customer to pay how they choose - cash or credit card.

  • Sidebar Superiority

    Want more functionality and customisation? The settings sidebar provides just that. Tucked away behind the main screen the settings sidebar is easily accessed with a simple swipe.

  • Quick Reports

    The sales summary function allows a quick review of your business performance. Presented in both graphical and tabular format, the simple reports are very visual and complement the backend reporting functions.

Secure login
based solution

Totelier iPad POS, and it’s backend web app, are login protected and give secure access to users. Access privileges can be configured for individual staff members, depending on user requirements. Sales data is continuously backed up to secure cloud-based servers.

Modifiers and

Menu items are equally configurable to load specific modifiers with or without special prices. Food or beverage portion sizes can also be easily managed. Specific comments can be captured with each menu item ordered allowing for better communication between the kitchen and front of house. The customer will always get exactly what they ordered!


The Totelier iPad POS provides an easy to use voucher management solution that can work for single or multiple outlet operations. Using secure QR coding the vouchers can be issued and redeemed easily via the Totelier app.

Set menus and

One of the most challenging aspects with any restaurant is managing Set Menus, whether its early bird or lunchtime specials. We have made this feature easy to configure via the backend web app and it is highly customizable to your preferred offerings. Our Favourites feature is also easy to configure and allows quick access to commonly ordered items.

Multiple waiter

Totelier iPad POS makes switching between multiple waiters a breeze, while preserving orders taken by respective waiters. This can speed up the operations in a busy environment resulting in better service to customers. Staff time management can also be enabled through the Totelier app, if required for your business.

Dashboard and

Sales trends and at-a-glance summary views can be easily obtained via the backend web app dashboard. This is mobile optimized which allows access from any desktop, mobile or tablet device. The report features allow for sales, trending and tax reporting in easy visual and printable formats.

Totelier is perfect for businesses, just like yours.

The perfect POS software solution for restaurants, cafes and mobile food outlets.

Easily manage and grow your business with Totelier, no matter how complex your operations are, or how flexible you need to be.


Totelier iPad POS has been developed to work seamlessly with a range of hardware providers. We have partnered with a number of the market leaders and are expanding all the time. Below are our current partners.

The Totelier POS solution has greatly improved our efficiency in serving our customers. Totelier in combination with Star mPOP* has given us the mobility and flexibility that our business demands. The system more than meets our expectations.

Letizia Tomasello
Dolce Sicily

*mPOP™ from Star Micronics is a combined receipt printer and cash drawer

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